A little regret

I don’t order things online that often and when I do, I always tell myself to not do it again. I clicked home this bag from a website last month. Need a bag for my computer and thought this one looked classy and it’s in faux leather (trying to not to buy real leather). It was also for sale so I thought this was a bargain. Now i’m not that sure anymore since it doesn’t feel like ”me”. I can’t send the bag back so I’ll try to sell it and if not it might go with me to the university classes and maybe I’ll start to like it. 🙂


2 reaktioner på ”A little regret

  1. I have been there before where I have bought something that I didn’t feel suited me. All you have to do is try it out for a week. For a whole week wear it out and pair it with your outfits. If you still feel it isn’t for you sell it! I’ve done this trick and it’s helped me revamp my outfits. Check out my blog if you would like, venuseudoraw

    1. Thanks for the advices! We’ll see if i keep the bag or not… But as you say, it has to feel right. It’s not fun having things that are ok and not great 😉


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