City life and country vibes





Hej! 🙂 I’m back home from my Växjö trip and it has been two lovely days with my friend Jenny. We started with some fika (the Swedish word for a coffee and a cake) at a cosy café in the city centre. After some exploring, shopping and sushi we went by car to the house where she and her boyfriend lives. The house is located at the countryside outside a town called Älmhult (where the first IKEA store was built). It is a nice smaller house surrounded by forests, fields and with only a few neighbors.



Model for the weekend: Beautiful Jenny! ❤


When we took a afternoon walk Jenny and I discussed if it’s better to live in a city or being at the country side. My personal statement is that living in a city is better since there’s more opportunities to go shopping and generally more things to do. Jenny on the other hand likes the country side better because of the calmness and the nature.

What do you like the most, city life or country life?


Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner with grilled food and wine. Around midnight Jenny and I find out that the game Pokémon Go is working in Sweden so we did a midnight hunt for some Pokémon!

It has been a lot of fun this weekend and I’ve some new energy for a new work week tomorrow. 🙂


2 reaktioner på ”City life and country vibes

  1. Hmmm I think I’d have to pick the city over the country side – because (like you said) there are more things to do. But I think I would love to take vacation in the country side. It must be so peaceful!


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