Overnight oats

My favourite breakfast for the moment is definitely overnight oats. It’s simply oats soaked overnight that absorb the liquid you put them in. There are different ways to do it but I like it simple, just adding oats and then pour almond milk on them. The meal is prepared in the evening and put in the fridge with a plate on the bowl.

I’m not that fond of porridge but I really like overnight oats since it taste different and it’s served cold. The mixture with oats and almond milk doensn’t tast much so I always add cinnamon and fruits or berries on top in the morning. It’s also good to add some yoghurt and honey. It’s a healthy breakfast and it will keep you full with energy for a long time!

I was inspired to try overnight oats from the YouTuber Melanie Murphy. Take a look at her way to do it in the video. 🙂



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