Right now I’m packing my bags and cleaning the apartment. I’m moving to another place (in Jönköping) this week and I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

Talking about packing, there’s so much people running around with bags and suitcases here right now… Everyone seems to escape the city in the summers. Jönköping has a lot of water, some beaches and many restaurants but I guess people like to see some place else on the vacation than their home town. I think many families are going to the coasts.

When I see all the vacation photos posted on social media I feel for some days off too… I took a bit too much work this summer but I’ll try to enjoy the weekends as much as possible and the weather is great in Sweden right now. (26 degrees today!)

For the future i’ll take more time for myself in the summer. A summer job is great but free time is also important to feel your best I think. ❤



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