Keeping it simple

thumb_IMG_8240_1024I spent my Sunday at IKEA together with the rest of the city. At least it felt like it. When I go to a place like this furniture store I’m always surprised how many people that feel the need to buy something new.

One hour and a lunch later I was done at IKEA and I had bought a smaller palm tree, some glasses and a frame.

I like to picture myself as a minimalist, a person that have an interest in keeping things simple. But is a person that buys unnecessary things really a minimalist?

I met a customer today that had a very big backpack on her back. When I asked for her address she said she didn’t have any and that she was a traveler for the moment. When she left I thought that maybe that’s the real definition of a minimalist, a person that have nothing but the things she need to survive.

A minimalist or not, I don’t like to buy more things than I need but there are some things I like to keep around me just to make my home feel like mine. A palm tree and designed mugs are some of them.



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