Pocket full of sunshine


If there’s something you need to know about Sweden it’s that we really love to talk about the weather here. I guess it’s an easy topic since the weather in this country can switch from rain to sun several times during a day. I meet a lot of customers at work and I can tell you that the weather comments are always coming up when there’s an awkward quietness on the way. ”The weather is very bad these days” or ”It’s almost too hot outside” or ”You should be outside right now, the weather is great!”. Conclusion: Know your weather while in Sweden.

Something that’s changing as much as the Swedish weather is my mood and it has always been like that. I can be the happiest person on the planet, floating on a pink cloud or as sad and negative as Eeyore, you know the donkey in Winnie the Pooh. During my best days I feel that everything is possible but on a bad day it’s like climbing a mountain just doing the dishes. Sometimes I wish I could be more balanced but it would be sad to not feel really strong happiness I think… And if you never feel sad how do you know when you feel good? (Lol.) For people with the same mood levels as me I can just say that the sun is always coming back after the rain. 😉

I can’t remember were the movie scene is coming from but I was thinking about it today, haha! 😀




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