Hallo München

I’m in Germany! 🙂

I’ve only been in this country ones when I was a little kid so I didn’t know much of what to expect when I got here. After spending one day in the city centre I think it looks similar to the bigger cities in Sweden – Gothenburg and Stockholm. The biggest difference is for sure the warm weather and all the people here. As you can see in the pictures below it was rainy in the morning but the sun came after lunch time. 🙂

thumb_IMG_8411_1024 thumb_IMG_8420_1024 thumb_IMG_8426_1024

I’ve tried two different cafées today. At one of them I got the biggest piece of apricot pie I’ve ever seen! I had to leave half of it since it was a little bit too sweet and too much.

Fika is always nice though. 😉



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