A summer in Hastings

Hastings. A place I never thought I would visit. Now I’m sitting here on a bed in this small British coast town. I’m doing a summer job abroad and that’s how I ended up here 😉 It’s only one week left and I’m really looking forward to going back home to Sweden again! Don’t get me wrong. It has been a very nice summer and I have learned a lot during these seven weeks. The town is very British and my colleague and I live at the top floor in a cute house owned by an older lady. I’ve also been in London several times, which I really have enjoyed. However, I feel that it’s time for some holiday now! 🙂

I’ve tried a lot of different restaurants and cafées here in England. In the pictures you can see the best scrambled egg toast and thai food that I’ve ever tasted!


Hallo München

I’m in Germany! 🙂

I’ve only been in this country ones when I was a little kid so I didn’t know much of what to expect when I got here. After spending one day in the city centre I think it looks similar to the bigger cities in Sweden – Gothenburg and Stockholm. The biggest difference is for sure the warm weather and all the people here. As you can see in the pictures below it was rainy in the morning but the sun came after lunch time. 🙂

thumb_IMG_8411_1024 thumb_IMG_8420_1024 thumb_IMG_8426_1024

I’ve tried two different cafées today. At one of them I got the biggest piece of apricot pie I’ve ever seen! I had to leave half of it since it was a little bit too sweet and too much.

Fika is always nice though. 😉

Social media inspiration

Social media is one of my biggest interests and I can spend a complete evening reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. I might be a little bit of a social media nerd sometimes but it keeps me in good mood and makes me inspired for trying new things. 🙂

There are some people that I follow on a daily basis and I always looking forward for their updates. One of my favourite YouTube channels is Jenny Mustard, which is made by a Swedish couple that currently are living in Berlin. They are both minimalists and vegans and I’m always getting inspired from their well made videos with interesting subjects. Have a look at one of their videos above!

Lemon macarons

thumb_IMG_8361_1024I’ve heard that macarons are difficult to make but I’ve wanted to try it for a long time now. This morning I made a try to bake lemon macarons and I think the result is not bad but not perfect either. They were supposed to be yellow but as you can see in my picture, the macarons wanted to have the color of a light peach. The shapes and the taste of them are very good though. 🙂

This baking project took me about three hours to do and it was many steps to get the macarons done. Imagine doing these cute home made macarons for a party, people would be very impressed!

I used a recipe from a Swedish baking website.

Secrets and a cinnamon bun

thumb_IMG_8340_1024The six days work week is finally over! Tomorrow you’ll find me cosying (is that even a word?) around in my apartment with a cup of tea and a blanket. 😉 I’ll also washing a lot of clothes, in case someone wanted to know that. Now it’s only four work days left this summer and after that I’ll start school again – can’t wait! 🙂 Before that I’ll do something special during the next weekend… I’ll keep it a secret until then!

Today’s picture is from a day this week when I was craving something sweet. Sometimes it’s okey to have a cinnamon bun for lunch. 😉

Pocket full of sunshine


If there’s something you need to know about Sweden it’s that we really love to talk about the weather here. I guess it’s an easy topic since the weather in this country can switch from rain to sun several times during a day. I meet a lot of customers at work and I can tell you that the weather comments are always coming up when there’s an awkward quietness on the way. ”The weather is very bad these days” or ”It’s almost too hot outside” or ”You should be outside right now, the weather is great!”. Conclusion: Know your weather while in Sweden.

Something that’s changing as much as the Swedish weather is my mood and it has always been like that. I can be the happiest person on the planet, floating on a pink cloud or as sad and negative as Eeyore, you know the donkey in Winnie the Pooh. During my best days I feel that everything is possible but on a bad day it’s like climbing a mountain just doing the dishes. Sometimes I wish I could be more balanced but it would be sad to not feel really strong happiness I think… And if you never feel sad how do you know when you feel good? (Lol.) For people with the same mood levels as me I can just say that the sun is always coming back after the rain. 😉

I can’t remember were the movie scene is coming from but I was thinking about it today, haha! 😀


Scallion pancakes

There has been a lot of food here on the blog lately but I’m so happy to have a real kitchen again so I’ll update you with some more of my food creations. 😉

Last year I tried something at a restaurant that was a mix between pancakes and bread. I really liked it but I thought it was too advanced to make at home. I haven’t known the name until yesterday when my colleague explained what she was going to make for this weekend – Scallion pancakes! I had all the ingrediens at home so I tried the recipe after my work day. The result wasn’t the best in the appearance category but the taste was very good. 🙂

These bread pancakes are super easy to make with only a few ingrediens and it’s perfect if you feel for eating a smaller dinner. If you are interested in trying them, take a look at the recipe here.