Lemon macarons

thumb_IMG_8361_1024I’ve heard that macarons are difficult to make but I’ve wanted to try it for a long time now. This morning I made a try to bake lemon macarons and I think the result is not bad but not perfect either. They were supposed to be yellow but as you can see in my picture, the macarons wanted to have the color of a light peach. The shapes and the taste of them are very good though. 🙂

This baking project took me about three hours to do and it was many steps to get the macarons done. Imagine doing these cute home made macarons for a party, people would be very impressed!

I used a recipe from a Swedish baking website.


Secrets and a cinnamon bun

thumb_IMG_8340_1024The six days work week is finally over! Tomorrow you’ll find me cosying (is that even a word?) around in my apartment with a cup of tea and a blanket. 😉 I’ll also washing a lot of clothes, in case someone wanted to know that. Now it’s only four work days left this summer and after that I’ll start school again – can’t wait! 🙂 Before that I’ll do something special during the next weekend… I’ll keep it a secret until then!

Today’s picture is from a day this week when I was craving something sweet. Sometimes it’s okey to have a cinnamon bun for lunch. 😉

Balcony update

Earlier this weekend me and my parents went to a store that had wooden flooring for sale. We thought it would be a perfect update for my balcony.

Today my parents followed me back to Jönköping and my dad helped me to put the wooden squares into place. Before we arrived in the city we had a fika in a town with a little lake. My parents in the pictures. (Best parents ever.) 🙂

thumb_IMG_8328_1024 thumb_IMG_8336_1024 thumb_IMG_8338_1024The result is beautiful! I’m very happy about it. I’ll be eating breakfast here the next sunny days for sure. 😉

thumb_IMG_8323_1024For lunch we had some yummy take away food that we got in these cute boxes. 🙂

Coffee kind of day

thumb_IMG_8246_1024thumb_IMG_8248_1024thumb_IMG_8258_1024thumb_IMG_8265_1024Most of the times I drink tea but some special days I make myself a cup of coffee. Today was that kind of day. Since my kitchen isn’t big enough for a electronic coffee machine I have a little Italian invention instead, it’s called a moka pot also known as a macchinetta.

Coffee that’s brewed in the Moka pot gets a little bit stronger in the taste and I think it feels more luxury than the coffee made from a machine. 🙂

Keeping it simple

thumb_IMG_8240_1024I spent my Sunday at IKEA together with the rest of the city. At least it felt like it. When I go to a place like this furniture store I’m always surprised how many people that feel the need to buy something new.

One hour and a lunch later I was done at IKEA and I had bought a smaller palm tree, some glasses and a frame.

I like to picture myself as a minimalist, a person that have an interest in keeping things simple. But is a person that buys unnecessary things really a minimalist?

I met a customer today that had a very big backpack on her back. When I asked for her address she said she didn’t have any and that she was a traveler for the moment. When she left I thought that maybe that’s the real definition of a minimalist, a person that have nothing but the things she need to survive.

A minimalist or not, I don’t like to buy more things than I need but there are some things I like to keep around me just to make my home feel like mine. A palm tree and designed mugs are some of them.

Saturday cake


thumb_IMG_8192_1024Hi everyone! Quick update. I’ve been busy with moving in to the apartment and I’m finally at my new place now. It feels super good and the apartment is so beautiful. I’ve been sleeping on a camp bed for three months at my other place so it feels very luxury to have a real bed again.

I’ve baked a cake to celebrate that it’s Saturday and that I’m here. 😉

Overnight oats

My favourite breakfast for the moment is definitely overnight oats. It’s simply oats soaked overnight that absorb the liquid you put them in. There are different ways to do it but I like it simple, just adding oats and then pour almond milk on them. The meal is prepared in the evening and put in the fridge with a plate on the bowl.

I’m not that fond of porridge but I really like overnight oats since it taste different and it’s served cold. The mixture with oats and almond milk doensn’t tast much so I always add cinnamon and fruits or berries on top in the morning. It’s also good to add some yoghurt and honey. It’s a healthy breakfast and it will keep you full with energy for a long time!

I was inspired to try overnight oats from the YouTuber Melanie Murphy. Take a look at her way to do it in the video. 🙂