Pizza, plans and parties


Yesterday we had our first presentation seminar which was a group presentation on a topic in global media cultures. Me and two girls from the class have worked a lot on the assignment so I hope we’ll pass. We worked very late one day and to stay motivated we bought two pizzas that we shared. Pizza energy was what we needed! 😉


In the evening I invited some friends for a party at my place. It was so much fun! We went to a pub in the city around midnight and stayed until they closed. I’m a little bit tired today…

thumb_IMG_8506_1024Last news for this blog post is this cute little thing! I bought it in Munich. 🙂 I really like writing down everything that has to be done.




Back to school

So, I’m back for another two years at the university. This first week has so far been intense even though our first real lecture starts next Monday. In Jönköping the first two weeks at university are called the kick off weeks and it’s partying going on during days and nights. It feels like half the city are students that are running around in colourful painting overalls that are part of the student life here. Since I’ve already done a lot of partying while I studied my bachelor I’m not participating that much in the kick off weeks anymore but I think it’s a fun thing for the new students. 🙂

The first week in school has started very well and I’ve a very interesting and fun class with people from almost all countries in Europe and some girls from China. I really like when there’s a mixture of people and cultures in one class!

Baby Shower


thumb_IMG_8274_1024 thumb_IMG_8275_1024
One of my friends are getting a baby! Today we arranged a baby shower for her and since no one of my friends have babies yet this was the first event like this I’ve been at.

The baby shower was in my home town with my friends that I’ve known for a very long time. One of them I met when I was a little kid, more than twenty years of friendship now!

It has been a fun day and next time I’m back I’m looking forward to say hi to the little newborn. ❤