Autumn feelings

I had no intention to blog today but things changed when I got some inspiration sent to me by post, literally.

Something that always makes me happy is when I get the catalogue from H&M sent to me. Strange thing to feel good about? Well, I think the glossy printed pages make me nostalgic. As long as i can remember I used to have a cup of tea with my mum and while looking in catalogues like this. 🙂

I especially like to read magazines at this time of the year because all of them have news for the autumn. (Actually a funny thing since it’s in the middle of the summer.) The best fashion is in my opinion the one that comes with the colder weather, including boots, coats and sweaters. I also like the darker colors.

I’ll make myself the second cup of tea now, ciao.


A little regret

I don’t order things online that often and when I do, I always tell myself to not do it again. I clicked home this bag from a website last month. Need a bag for my computer and thought this one looked classy and it’s in faux leather (trying to not to buy real leather). It was also for sale so I thought this was a bargain. Now i’m not that sure anymore since it doesn’t feel like ”me”. I can’t send the bag back so I’ll try to sell it and if not it might go with me to the university classes and maybe I’ll start to like it. 🙂