Autumn Walk in Berlin

New video from my cosy Autumn walk in Berlin, have a look! 🙂


A summer in Hastings

Hastings. A place I never thought I would visit. Now I’m sitting here on a bed in this small British coast town. I’m doing a summer job abroad and that’s how I ended up here 😉 It’s only one week left and I’m really looking forward to going back home to Sweden again! Don’t get me wrong. It has been a very nice summer and I have learned a lot during these seven weeks. The town is very British and my colleague and I live at the top floor in a cute house owned by an older lady. I’ve also been in London several times, which I really have enjoyed. However, I feel that it’s time for some holiday now! 🙂

I’ve tried a lot of different restaurants and cafées here in England. In the pictures you can see the best scrambled egg toast and thai food that I’ve ever tasted!

Hallo München

I’m in Germany! 🙂

I’ve only been in this country ones when I was a little kid so I didn’t know much of what to expect when I got here. After spending one day in the city centre I think it looks similar to the bigger cities in Sweden – Gothenburg and Stockholm. The biggest difference is for sure the warm weather and all the people here. As you can see in the pictures below it was rainy in the morning but the sun came after lunch time. 🙂

thumb_IMG_8411_1024 thumb_IMG_8420_1024 thumb_IMG_8426_1024

I’ve tried two different cafées today. At one of them I got the biggest piece of apricot pie I’ve ever seen! I had to leave half of it since it was a little bit too sweet and too much.

Fika is always nice though. 😉



With only one work day left, I’ve start to pack my cabin bag for this weekends adventure! It will be a weekend trip in a bigger city in Europe and I’ll bring my camera with me.

A cute passport holder is almost a must while traveling. This one is from H&M and I bought it for some years ago. It has followed me around on many flights and I still like it as much as when I first saw it. I hesitated to buy it since I thought it was an unimportant thing to buy but now I can’t imagine having my passport without pretty roses on it. 😉

Paris life



Paris. The city of light, the city of love. Many people have a glorified picture about the french capital and me included. I’ve visit the city three times as a tourist and the fourth time I lived there as a exchange student half a year… And I still don’t have enough of Paris.

Pourquoi? I’ve asked myself why I like Paris since I think there’s a lot of things that makes the city not attractive when it comes to living standards. First of all, I like when a town or city is close to water. Except the river Seine, Paris hasn’t much water to offer. I’ve never been in Paris during the summer but I can imagine it’s not that fun when it’s hot and there’s no lake you can cool yourself down in. Second of all, life in Paris is very expensive compared to what you get. Most of the flats are old and not renovated for a very long time. Cigarette smell are part of the wallpapers and you’re lucky if the hot water are working every day. Not to mention the tiny walls between you and your neighbors. You have never met them in the stairway but you know what they talk about and what they did last night. And about the restaurants… In a Parisian restaurant you pay as much as you do in Sweden (which is more than in most countries) but you get half the food on your plate. (If you ever asked yourself why the french are thin you now know why.)

So why on earth do people dream about living in Paris?! I don’t think I’m only talking about my opinion when I say that this city has the most beautiful buildings in the world. I really like the romantic balconies with flower boxes and the charming stairways with tree planks with marks where people have walked the most.


The food! There are so much good food in Paris, especially the sweet things I would say. 😉 The boulangeries have daily fresh bread and colorful pastries that makes it almost impossible to pass by without buying something to eat. (Which actually question my french thin theory.)


The many pretty parks that are perfect for picnics with friends or as a peaceful place when you want to read a book.

And I have to admit that even thought the apartments are the tiniest i’ve ever seen there’s something special to live in just one room with only a rooftop as your balcony.


Where can you find a city that has more amazing monuments and museums? Paris is also a home for many street artists and dancers. So much fun and beautiful things to look at every day. 🙂

It has been three years since last time I was in Paris and I’m sure I’ll visit my favourite city again one day. But first I have some other places to see! 😉

Last thing, the movie Amélie was one of the inspirations for my interest in Paris. If you haven’t seen it – do it! 🙂

Bisous et à bientôt! ❤

Greener grass

Before I went to Australia someone told me that my grass will not become greener just because I move to another continent for a while.

On the one hand I think the statement has a point. You’ll always have yourself with you no matter where you are and if you’re not friend with yourself your life will probably not be better somewhere else either.

I mostly disagree to the comment though. Most of the time I don’t think people travel for finding a better place to live, I think they travel to learn more about themselves and the world. I think that getting more perspectives makes you happier and more motivated to do what you want to do in life. I also think travelers are more open minded and less scared for new things(, obvisouly!). We are not trees, travel as much as you want and can! 😉

Some thoughts this Friday morning. Hope you you have a great weekend. 🙂

City life and country vibes





Hej! 🙂 I’m back home from my Växjö trip and it has been two lovely days with my friend Jenny. We started with some fika (the Swedish word for a coffee and a cake) at a cosy café in the city centre. After some exploring, shopping and sushi we went by car to the house where she and her boyfriend lives. The house is located at the countryside outside a town called Älmhult (where the first IKEA store was built). It is a nice smaller house surrounded by forests, fields and with only a few neighbors.



Model for the weekend: Beautiful Jenny! ❤


When we took a afternoon walk Jenny and I discussed if it’s better to live in a city or being at the country side. My personal statement is that living in a city is better since there’s more opportunities to go shopping and generally more things to do. Jenny on the other hand likes the country side better because of the calmness and the nature.

What do you like the most, city life or country life?


Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner with grilled food and wine. Around midnight Jenny and I find out that the game Pokémon Go is working in Sweden so we did a midnight hunt for some Pokémon!

It has been a lot of fun this weekend and I’ve some new energy for a new work week tomorrow. 🙂